Friday, July 16, 2010

Come On In!

Welcome to Crafty Acres. I've been a backyard homesteader for about six months and I've been sharing my trials and tribulations with a close group of friends through email updates. I wasn't expecting my emails to be such a hit, but my friends have kept asking for more and so this blog was born. I hope to chronicle the transformation of our backyard into a mini-farm, as well share crafting ideas, recipes, home projects, and just about anything else that earns me the merit badge of "self sufficiency."

I grew up on a 20 acre ranch, and lived on that very same ranch (save for a few failed attempts at living in some big cities) until I was 35. Then all of a sudden last year, I fell in love. We all know that love can make you do some pretty crazy things. Well, earlier this year in February I did the most crazy thing I ever thought possible…

I moved into town.

Getting used to town life has been an adventure, but I have always been up for a challenge. Transforming our 1/10 acre backyard into a mini- farm has been a lot of fun, but a heck of a lot of work… and there’s still a long way to go, especially when money is tight.

I’ve always been a crafty girl, so I’ve found many a way to stretch a dollar and upcycle things headed for the waste bin. Many of my gardening, home and kitchen crafts are a result of these awesome skills. Join me as I take on these pursuits in the near future: learning to preserve and can, build a chicken coop cottage, start a worm bin, and plant a mini- orchard, and somewhere further along down the line I plan to rustle up some angora bunnies (since an Alpaca is out of the question) and learn to spin yarn.

Glad to have you along for the journey. I hope my ideas and lofty future plans are an inspiration for you, if not a fun and entertaining read!


  1. Yah, I just discovered your blog!!! I get to enjoy reading about all your adventures once again. So glad you are back online, I have missed reading, learning, laughing and enjoying your writings!

    -- rita homen

  2. @Rita: Glad you found me again! Nice to have you as a reader! :)