Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden Delights

The last three days I've missed blogging and my days are beginning to seem incomplete without it.  We had one of those jam-packed weekends full of errand- running that leaves you longing for the peace and solace of mundane Monday.  Ahh, Monday.  It's beginning to become my favorite day of the week.

We did get the lumber for the new chicken coop cottage though.  Next step is to borrow a saw from one of our parents, so construction may not begin until next weekend.  Meanwhile, the garden just keeps on growing and doesn't stop for anything.  It seems to expand to great lengths overnight!  Our squash plants have exploded and the pumpkins are beginning to creep away from their bed into the yard.  It's so exciting!  We also found a stray mystery squash plant that spouted up by the compost heap.  I am hedging my bets on a butternut, but it could also be an acorn or spaghetti, all of which have had their entrails thrown onto the compost heap.
Future Watermelons!

Check out our 13" zucchini!

A little pumpkinling!
Mystery citrus tree & the site of our future mini orchard.

Aside from coop building, I've been trying to plan out our mini orchard space.  We've gotten a lot of free treelings from pits that had sprouted at the ranch this spring, like a peach that has green skin and super sweet white flesh when it's ripe (have no idea what type it is), a green skinned plum with dark red flesh (again, have no idea what type), and an apricot.  Also, the birds around here are very good at picking up seeds and dropping them in random places, as we have a million baby treelings coming up in the yard.  In fact, so many that I am tempted to start my own tree nursury.  I hate to pull them up or mow them over too, but realistically I know that I can't let them all grow.  Anyone need a pecan tree?

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