Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leaf Keys

In yesterday's post I included a picture of some tree seedlings I found in my yard, the one on the far left was unidentified.  I had a feeling it was a type of maple, but I was hoping to find some sort of identification system online where you could find the type of tree by the leaf, and I was in luck.  Sort of.  I found a couple of leaf key sites.  What Tree Is It? was a little difficult to navigate, but eventually I got the hang of it.  Key to Leaves of Virginia Trees was easier to use and I came to the same result a lot faster.  By the time I found the Tree Link site, I was a pro at using these leaf keys.  All use the same process of elimination, kind of like the game Animal, Plant, Mineral.  In each trial I ended up with the same result: Red Maple.  I looked up images of Red Maple leaves and found many different results, but there were a few that looked like mine.  The red stem on my treeling seems to be a heavy indicator.  I am going to have a stroll around the neighborhood this evening to see if I can't find the source.

One down, five more to go:

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