Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick-Fix Fence

Yesterday evening we built a quickie fence to prevent the chickens from pecking (and the dogs from peeing on) plants in the garden.  When I first moved here, one of those giant trampoline things was overwhelming the backyard and it appeared as though it hadn't weathered many storms well.  The covering on the springs was coming up, the safety netting was no longer intact and lying on the ground, it added to the post apocalyptic look of the dead backyard that Lee had abandoned for so long.  Lee's two boys still jump on it though when they visit every other weekend, so unfortunately the unsightly trampoline must stay for a couple more years... Unless of course, [evil grin] luck may have it that next Winter's dose of weather damage puts a nice big hole on the surface.  The fallen netting did come in handy though, just in time and saved itself from a trip to the waste bin.  So did the pile of old wooden stakes in the shed.  We simply cut the netting in half so that it measured about 3 feet tall, stapled a wooden stake to it every six feet, pounded the stakes into the ground, and viola.  When you don't have a lot of cash, you get a lot more creative with things that you would normally toss.

I've always saved yogurt cups, plastic foods tubs, and jars for a variety of things.  Primarily the yogurt cups were used for mixing paint, but presently they make good seedling pots.  Just drill a little hole or hammer a nail through the bottom for drainage.  If you eat yogurt, you may as well save yourself the money you'd spend on those biodegradable peat pots.  Plus you can reuse them more than once so it saves you even more!  In the picture to the left, you can see a variety of the little treelings I have found in the yard and saved from the evil lawn mowing machine.  I am going to try and find a website that helps identify trees later today.  I know that the one to the far right is a Mimosa (Silktree).  The nearest one is about two blocks away, so the birds gifted me with that one.  In the middle I have a little lavender start.  The one on the left I am not sure, it looks like it could be a number of things.  I have quite a few of each of these trees, so if anyone would like some, let me know!

Oh, and while on the subject of reusing things that normally get thrown out, the twist ties that you get on lettuce and other veggies make great tie-backs for garden plants.  I used some to tie the sunflowers to the fence when their heads got too heavy, and also to tie up the tomatoes to their cages.  Even the little ones you get on bread work, but sometimes I have to tie two together.

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