Friday, July 30, 2010

Recycle Your Lipbalm

This morning I was looking for my comb in the bathroom drawer and realized that I had way too much stuff in there. The bulk of the problem was the numerous lip shimmer and lip tint tubes. Some were never used because they were too dark, too light, too pink, too orange. Others had gone through the wash and were a melted mess inside but were still full (and very clean!) I am on a huge minimalist kick right now, and rather than throwing these out (I can't very well donate them to a thrift store, now can I?) I decided to recycle them. My grandmother used to do this all the time with her broken lipsticks. She would melt them all into a pot (hers was huge though, like the size of a small butter tub) and use a brush to apply them. It took less than 10 minutes to make a little pot of lip balm in a shade that I am really happy with now, and I got rid of all those tubes!

Step 1: Turn up the lip balm, break it off and put it into a stainless steel container. I used a little stainless steel sauce cup.
Step 2: Set the stainless steel cup on a stove burner or other heat source. Low heat until the lip balm begins to melt, then quickly turn it off. The lip balm will continue to melt.
Step 3: Stir. Remove from heat source. Careful, it's hot! Allow to cool a bit.
Step 4: Pour cooled liquid lip balm into pot. (Mine was recycled and sanitized, it was previously a sample face cream pot.) Allow to continue to cool and solidify.
Step 5: Add lid. Viola! Six tubes makes roughly one pot.


  1. Brilliant! I'd never really though about how easy it could be to do that. Wish I'd thought of it when I tossed a bunch of lipstick recently.

  2. Holy crap, that's amazing! Love it!

  3. @Dana & Meg: Glad you found this tip helpful!