Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To-may-toe To-mah-toe, Po-tay-toe Po-tah-toe

Yesterday was our first harvest day.  Lee and I couldn't wait to sample our first tomatoes of the season so I plucked mine off the vine, rubbed it on my shirt, and popped it into my mouth.  Lee just looked at me funny, with a tinge of disgust.
"You didn't wash it."
"So one of the dogs could have peed on it."
"Oh come on, live a little!"
I grabbed his tomato and turned to walk into the house to wash it when I caught Jack, our terrier, hiking his leg up on a weed not far from the tomato plants.  Okay, so maybe that means we really need to get our garden fenced off to keep the dogs out.  Not only that, but silly me, I unintentionally taught our chickens to eat the tomatoes off the vine.  When I was picking the handful we used for dinner last night, our Barred Plymouth Rock named Salt was looking on with curiosity.  I told her that she couldn't have any, and then noticed one that had fallen on the ground.  I handed her the fallen tomato.  Doh.  I forgot that chickens are super intelligent and not the dopey birds we make them out to be.  As soon as she tasted that berry-sweet red orb, she made the association that the ones on the vine were just as good.  She pecked at a half ripe one and I shooed her away.  Lee just shook his head and said, "Now look what you've done."

After dinner (pesto pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes) we started a movie and then Lee decided he wasn't in the mood to sit and watch it.  We took the dogs for a walk and then spent the rest of the evening in the garden until it was too dark to see.  I was quite surprised and pleased that the movie mogul chose gardening over film study, trading in his popcorn for potato digging.  A couple months ago we planted the spouts from a bag of grocery store potatoes and what you see in the picture is the result.  We bought a 5 lb. bag for $1.50 and discovered they were all sprouted when we got home.  We were going to take them back, but then I suggested we just keep it to plant because it would be less trouble and less cost than buying sprouts at the garden center.  We ended up with 15 lbs. of potatoes, so we got 3x the amount we started with.   Home grown potatoes are cool because you get some with really odd shapes that you'd never find in a bag from the store.  Lee thought one looked like a ray gun (quite an imagination he has,) can you find it in the popcorn box on the right side?

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