Monday, August 16, 2010


Oh jeez, now I have to put it together?

Bee keeping supplies for our honey super arrived, but we forgot one important part- the wax foundations for the frames. I put together the honey super and it's ready to prime and paint, but now we have to wait again to order the wax foundations- which we may just buy in Sacramento on Saturday.

We did get an entrance feeder base finally (the metal covered thing on the right in the photo.) You just add your own mason jar. I had rigged up a homemade version, but it leaked quite a bit and had to be set up on a pot near the hive rather than on the hive. I've heard that entrance feeders aren't the greatest choice because robbers can be a nuisance, but we don't seem to have a problem with hive robbers from what I've observed so far.  Thank goodness we don't have hornets around here! The yellow handled thing is a hive tool, used to pry up the lid of the hive and pry apart the frames (the bees glue everything together with propolis.) The white screen is the queen excluder, which is used to keep the queen in the lower portions of the hive and out of the honey super (because we don't find honey coated bee larvae to be very appetizing.) The box of wooden slats are pieces of the honey super and frames that I put together. They are really easy to put together yourself, and you save roughly ten dollars if you do! We got ours from Dadant & Sons, which even has a store in Fresno, CA. Unfortunately [grumble] they aren't open on Saturdays. Their catalog is quite educational and not just a list of their products.  If you are interested in beekeeping at all, request one of their free catalogs and have a look!

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