Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunflower Forests & Pumpkin Jungles

Spot was added as a size reference.
We've got some sunflowers that are teetering on 12 feet high! These big babies came from the monstrous sized mystery flowers that appeared in the garden on the ranch last year (no one planted them, they just appeared) and ended up being over 12 feet high with flower head diameters that spanned over a foot across! These don't have quite as large faces unfortunately, but the stalks are thicker than a shovel handle.
Check out the pollen bags on that bee!
The bees are creating quite a buzz over the sunflowers. I've been standing out in the sunflower forest each morning, just watching them go nuts over the abundant pollen. One flower must supply a crazy amount of pollen for them. All of the bees I have seen hovering around the oversized, bright yellow blooms have pollen bags that are absolutely bulging! They almost look like they have three abdomens!
I spy something orange.

Our jack-o-lanterns have taken over the garden. There used to be raised beds, but no more! We also have some various squash plants mixed in there too, but I couldn't tell you what. We are still waiting for fruit to appear on most of the other vines. So far we have 5 very large jack-o-lanterns on one vine and one big boy pumpkin on the other. Haven't found the little sugar pumpkins yet, but hope we have some for Thanksgiving this year.

One of my gardening resolutions next year is to better space things out. I didn't really plan things out that well this year, but honestly I didn't think that the vines would go this nuts!

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