Sunday, August 15, 2010

Waffles with Wild Blackberries

Yum, wild blackberries.
Yesterday we drove over to my famiy's ranch in La Grange, then took the kids around the corner for a quick swim at the lake. On the way home, we stopped at the corner of J59 and Turlock Road to pick some wild blackberries. The boys had  a lot of fun hunting for berries and ended up with full cups & red stained fingers. This morning we had lovely homemade waffles topped with fresh wild blackberries. Super yum!

Liam is impressed with his cup full of berries.
I've actually been reading up a bit more on wildcrafting lately and would like to do a lot more of it in the future with Lee and the boys.  The boys seem to really love it.  Earlier in Spring this year, we found a hillside full of miner's lettuce and they had a ball gathering it up and later grazing on it.  My grandma taught me a lot about wildcrafting when I was about Liam's age, around age 4 or 5. She and I would take long walks out in the field in late Spring and sample  all of the edible plants that we came across. I definitely want to brush up on my plant identification skills. It's one thing to grow your own food, but there's just something indescribably awesome about finding and collecting wild foods.


  1. When I was young, my father took us out to pick blackberries by the creek we lived near. I recall once, we picked a ton of them in a metal bowl and on the drive back, he turned to us in the back seat and said, "Now, don't eat any of those, we're going to make a blackberry pie." When we got home, my father looked at the full bowl of blackberries and was shocked to find we didn't touch a single one. He told us that he had said not to eat any, but that he expected we'd at least sneak a few! :P

  2. Wow, kids usually don't have that kind of willpower. Impressive!