Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We've Got Eggs!

Found the secret laying place!
Today is a special day!  I found Pepper's secret egg laying spot: the old doghouse that none of the dogs use.

When I told my mom about Pepper sneaking in the house (see previous post) and hopping up on the counter, she said that Pepper was definitely ready to lay and that I would have to start hunting for eggs in the yard and garden or where ever the chickens decided to hide and lay their eggs. She also told me to listen for a special "cackle racket" because the hens make a big deal about laying an egg, and I would be able to find their hiding spot if I could locate them when they make this sound.

As I was sitting here at the computer typing away, I heard a ruckus coming from the backyard. I looked out the window to see our young hens Chilly, Chipmunk, Red and Salt hanging around the door of the doghouse.  I thought, where's Pepper? I ran outside and there she was, in the corner of the doghouse so I walked away and let her have some privacy. A minute later she came out. When I looked back inside the doghouse, there was not one, but four eggs! One small one was warm, and I figured that was the one she just laid today. The other three were cold, so they had to have been laid in the last few days. They are all different sizes and colors, but I am pretty sure Pepper is the only one laying so far. My mom said that the eggs will come out all wacky and wonky when the hens first start laying but they will get more uniform in size, color and shape later on. Not that I really care! It's kinda cool having an odd assortment. As a youngster I used to love finding the mini sized eggs when I helped my grandma collect her eggs.

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