Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Green Eggs!

Yesterday when Lee got home, I asked him to check the old doghouse to see if there were any eggs. We've been averaging 2-3 eggs a day now. Lee looked inside the doghouse, then knelt down and crawled in to reach something way in the back. When I saw the grin on Lee's face, I knew exactly what he had found and I asked excitedly, "did we get a green egg yet!?!"
Chipmunk, our Easter-Egger.
Chipmunk's green egg next to a brown egg.
Sure enough! Chipmunk, our Easter-Egger, laid her first egg! So again, it was a special day!


  1. Neat! May I ask how they come out green?

  2. You'll have to ask the chicken about that one! It's all about genetics and pigments.