Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Visit to the Cheese Factory

Whew, what a day.  We had to drive down south to Marina del Rey today to drop off Lee's camera to be serviced for his film project.  Left the house at 4:15am. No human should be up at that hour, and 12 hours on the road in one day when the temperature is 100F degrees is no fun at all, however, we did end our day with a neat new discovery: Bravo Farms Cheese Factory.

Our attempt to find a non-fast food option for lunch on the way home along 99 was looking quite dire (if you've traveled that way, I am sure you concur), but then I started seeing these funky-cute painted signs on the side of the road every mile or so, advertising everything from handmade cheese, fruit stand, petting zoo, ice cream, cafe, gift store, pumpkin patch... and each one had a little phase at the bottom that said things like, "why not stop in?" "You know you want to stop." "Please, please, please stop in!" I'm a sucker for pumpkins farm animals, so we pulled off on the exit as prompted by the string of signs. Our curiosity was piqued the minute we pulled up and saw the place.
It looked like a mini-western town. It was jam-packed with old antiques everywhere, from the old milk truck full of antique milk bottles, to the coin operated kiddy horse ride that still worked! There was so much stuff to just look at and check out. I could have spent a whole day there.
We had lunch in the cafe which apparently is world famous, according to their brochure. I just loved how they served our water in mason jars. The free chips and delicious salsa were delightful.
I ordered their "Good Ol' Macaroni & Cheese" which was made with their famous handmade cheddar... Oh, gosh, mmm, the best mac & cheese I've had for, well, ever since I usually only eat Annie's.
The decor was fantastic. Like I said before, so much interesting stuff to look at! An oggler's utopia. Very eclectic, yet charming and stylish in an off-the-wall sort of way, which I quite admire.
Out back, there was more western town facade, and a cute little courtyard picnic area that opened up from the cafe. On the other side of the facade was a petting zoo with mini donkeys, goats, sheep, and bunnies. They also had pigeons of all colors. At the end of the boardwalk, there was a cool game room/vintage arcade.
Inside the gift shop were all sorts of goodies, from antiques, to salsas, jams, candies, and of course cheese! I loved how they displayed their wares. Along the cooler where the cheese was displayed, there were buckets full of little iron fish, horsehoes, stars, and various other little odds and ends. We didn't even make it back to the antique store or fruit stand there was so much to see, but we'll be back for sure now that we know it's there.
We sampled most of the cheeses that were available. Lots of cheddar, everything from chipotle cheddar to sage cheddar. We ended up bringing home the premium white cheddar. I look forward to going back, which may be as soon as next week... since we have to make that trip again, ugh, to pick up the camera!

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  1. What a serendipitous find! Love the mason jars.
    And the Mac looks fab! Maybe that's what I should make for dinner...mmmm!