Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Squash Out the Kazoo!

Our kitchen is currently overrun with gray zucchinis.
We've been mad-busy harvesting veggies and seeds, clearing beds, clearing new ground for new beds for next year, canning, freezing, and keeping up with all of our other house chores and projects... meanwhile trying to keep calm with the holidays looming just over the horizon!

Still haven't finished that darn chicken house either. Here's how it's been: one weekend we realize we need a certain tool and can't finish it. The next weekend we don't have the extra cash for whatever supply we need and can't finish it. Then the following weekend we can't fit the sheets of plywood in Lee's Rav4 and can't finish it. Finally we managed to shove the 8'x4' sheet of plywood into my old volvo wagon though! We both had to lean our seats back low rider style and duck our heads under the plywood, which was leaning on the headrests. Very tight fit, but somehow we did it and got it home. Right now we just need the plywood cut. We don't have a power saw and I forgot to borrow one from my mom when we were at the ranch this last weekend. Lee's dad just lives a few blocks away and has a shed full of tools, but it's really a matter of getting the fire lit under Lee's behind (you reading this Lee?) to motivate him to get over there and borrow them. It's just good that the chickens have a sheltered chicken tractor right now and aren't desperately in need of the new house.

We're currently overrun with eggs and squash. We can't eat them fast enough so our family extensions are benefitting. The mystery squash that grew out of our compost pile and quickly spread over a quarter of our yard turned out to be a gray zucchini. We had bought just one in the grocery store. I had no idea it had any mature seeds inside of it to sprout, but my compost piles have always been magical that way. So now we have seriously harvested close to fifty squash from that one wild plant, and it's still producing and still invading more of the garden! We've had sauteed squash, stir-fried squash, squash soup, added squash to marinara sauce over pasta, crispy parmesan zucchini sticks, zucchini feta pie, zucchini boats, zucchini breads. We are squashed out! Today I am going to try Zucchini-Oatmeal- Chocolate Chip Bars. If they turn out good, I will post the recipe.

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