Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Possum Living

After pining away for cooler weather and rain the last couple of months, and finally getting it, I'm not sure what to do with myself. Oddly, I feel like staying inside, even though it's perfect gardening weather out there right now. It must be the sudden overcast skies and drastic drop in temperature that is making me want to clean up the nest for hibernation. I've had to bring the last of my belongings here from the ranch, as some new tenants will be taking up residence in my old abode, and now our house is jammed packed with boxes and art canvases. I've been listing stuff to sell on eBay and Etsy. At the same time, I've also gotten a little sidetracked with ordering seeds on both sites. Today I got my heirloom seeds for rainbow carrots - red, orange, yellow, purple and white! I don't even have to wait until Spring to plant those. Excited to try them out! Other than that, I have been catching up on reading and curling up with hot beverages. I just finished Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money.
I highly recommend it, not only for the insight but for the entertainment factor. I found it to be bizarrely funny in some places, downright practical in others. I did skip the chapter on meat though, as I have no plans to slaughter rabbits or any other animal myself. I did browse down the list of various animals at the end of the chapter, each with a description of what it's meat tastes like. It was a bit off-the-wall to someone who's only ever eaten cow, chicken, turkey, and fish. Do people really eat muskrats, opossums, and armadillos? I also skipped the chapter on making your own booze, because I don't really see much use in learning such a trade when I don't care for alcohol. I do admire the fact that the author and her father got by without "real" jobs, and were able to live off of $1,498.75 in the mid 70's, though I've no idea what those numbers would translate into present offhand. I met a family of three adults (two parents and their grown son) about 6 years ago who had similar ethics, and somehow they were all three able to live on less than 2 grand a month. They even drove fairly nice cars, took vacations, and drank fancy coffee.  None of them worked "real" jobs. On the rare occasion the son did freelance work and the mother had a rental property, but they mainly worked in their garden. It amazed me, because they lived quite well! The dinners I shared with them were some of the best, as they practically grew everything themselves. I guess it's all about penny pinching and creativity. In this book, you will also find recipes, gardening & foraging tips, a natural antidepressant remedy- running, and even a bit on selling craft items.  ****

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