Friday, November 26, 2010

Frost Bites

While the rest of the world, I assume, was out battling for the best deal on cheap landfill stuffing, I was happily hoeing away in the garden today. It was beautifully sunny, and just warm enough to get some cleanup done after the first bout of frost hit during the last few days. There's something kind of sad about the first day in the garden after the frost, when you have to handle all of those dead plants that you so lovingly raised and cared for during the spring and summer.

The poor tomatoes were trying so hard to put out more fruit, the Roma was absolutely loaded, but unfortunately they were all pretty green. I picked a big bowl of green ones before frosty day one, thinking that the nearly ripe ones could ripen on the counter and the rest we might try fried. I've never tried fried green tomatoes, but Lee was all for that idea since he loves friend (ugh) food. Give him a menu with a million choices, and he'll zero in on the fried item.

The frost also clobbered the morning glory vines, so I gathered the last of the seeds and began to dismantle the vine off of the wire fence. This ended up taking a lot longer than I had originally anticipated and I almost totally forgot about lunch. I grabbed a quick bite of Thanksgiving leftovers, and then went right back out to get as much out of the light as I could, especially since the radio announced that it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

Our most sassy and daring hens, Red and Salt, flew over the fence into our neighbor's yard, so I lost a little time climbing sneakily over the fence (no one was home next door) and grabbing the squawking birds, tossing them back over into my yard and scrambling back over the fence. Those darn birds! I clipped their wings, even though I hated to. I know that if they ever flew over the fence when the neighbor was home, we'd probably get some complaints (our neighbor's yard is immaculately manicured.) In the end, I only cleared half of the fence. I probably gathered a pound or two of seeds without exaggeration!

Salt and Pepper clearing the new flower beds.
Finally, I cleaned up the last of the squash and pumpkin vines and started digging new flower beds in the "lawn" part of the backyard. I've been trying to shrink the size of the lawn so we can save time and energy from not having to mow as much. I'd really like to be rid of it all, but I have to compromise and share the yard. Anyway, the extra flower beds around the entire perimeter is my passive aggressive way of cutting the lawn space. And I'll just keep expanding those beds until someone complains. Hah. Our hens, Salt and Pepper, helped to dig up the new flower beds.

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