Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Bread

When you've been to France and have lived in the Bay Area just down the street from an artisan bakery, well, you do become a bit of a bread snob. No longer does prepackaged supermarket bread cut it unless you don't have any other choice, or maybe you are just too lazy to make your own. I think both are the problem for me, but mostly the latter. I even have a bread machine in the cupboard collecting dust. Lately, I've been having bread cravings. Like good bread cravings. Fresh bread cravings.

When Lee offered to treat me to Jamba Juice last night on the way home from working on the movie set, I looked down at my gut filled with Halloween candy and I asked if I could pop into Barnes and Noble next door to get a magazine instead since it would be about the same price. He shrugged and said sure, then put in his order for his Pumpkin Smash smoothy. He wasn't going to give up his smoothy for a magazine. (I swear he's a pumpkin nut and has been driving me crazy lately about cooking everything with pumpkin. I even had to debate with him about not using the kids' Jack-o-Lanterns for pumpkin pies and soup!)

I grabbed up the latest copy of Mother Earth News, and then saw that the bookseller was also stocking a wide array of similar magazines, including a special "Country Skills Series," also from the publishers of Mother Earth News. I had a hard time walking away without a copy of each, but I decided that I definitely couldn't pass up the Guide to Homemade Bread because the cover promised 3 DIY bread oven plans! I've been wanting an outdoor adobe bread oven for a long time now.  So that, and the 131 bread  recipes, sealed the deal. Slurping what was already the last of his smoothie (yeah that didn't last long), Lee looked at the two magazines in the crook of my arm and mumbled through the straw in his mouth that he had only agreed to one. I assured him that I'd get the other one with my own money. Then I showed him the bread magazine and his eyes popped. Suddenly the price of two magazines didn't seem like a big deal.

I'm looking forward into trying out some of the bread recipes, especially now that the house is cold and a warm oven is more than welcome. The lingering summer heat we experienced this year was such a baking turn off! Glad it's finally on it's way out... now that it's what?  November!?  Yeah, and the leaves are just now turning color.

I'm also looking forward to planning out a bread and pizza oven. If you've never had a wood fired pizza, you are so missing out!

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