Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doing My Bee-Search

After this morning's beehive debacle, I did a little research on what may have possibly gone wrong and while initially I didn't think it could have been the Varroa destructor because I didn't see any mites on the few bees still alive (doh, wow I feel dumb today), the deformed wings in the young I saw earlier this year were almost a dead giveaway, as are the dead brood in the frames.

I also discovered, which was not all that encouraging but probably a necessary wake-up call, that people like me are sometimes called beehavers and not beekeepers because we don't know anything about keeping the bees alive these days. I'm a bee student without a mentor so this is all trial and error for me, but I do have the gumption to become a real beekeeper. This has been a valuable, if not depressing, lesson.

The most disappointing part is that we will not have that wonderfully melodious hum of bees this year in the garden, as it is too late in most cases to order package bees. Sigh. I will miss them terribly.

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