Friday, March 11, 2011

Dreaming of Rabbits

I had a pretty neat dream last night. I dreamt that Lee and I were living in some cool little town, and even though we had to live in a tiny apartment, somehow we had still managed to create a little urban farm. I remember at one point we found some kind of odd shaped shopping cart outside our front door. I grabbed it and said, "right on, we can use this!" To which Lee replied, "no, that belongs to a store." I looked around for a name on the cart handle, but there was no store name to be found. I pointed that out to him as I smugly pushed it into our apartment. Later on in the dream, I came out the front door to find a bunch of boxes lined up on the sidewalk by our steps. Some of the boxes had Flemish Giant rabbits in them. I yelled to Lee, "there's all kinds of rabbits here we can take!" Once again, Lee was a big downer, saying, "no, we don't need anymore rabbits." I began to see little baby Flemish Giants coming out of the boxes, and started scooping them up in my apron. I said to Lee, "But look, there's all different colors!  A brown one, a black one, an orange one, a gray one, an orange and gray one, a tricolor one!" I excitedly rang off the colors as I popped the baby rabbits into my apron.  The dream gets fuzzy at that point, but I think we ended up keeping all of the rabbits. I think this dream is absolutely hilarious because this is really how we are. Lee is the more practical one, and if he weren't here to keep me balanced out I'd probably be turned into animal control for animal hoarding. Well, I'm not that bad yet. 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 rabbits, 5 chickens, a hive of bees and a bin of worms isn't too bad when you have a backyard that is 1/10 of an acre.
Anyway, I was reminded by this dream that I hadn't yet introduced you to the three latest editions to our little backyard farm, the Jersey Woolies. I've really been wanting to adopt an Angora, but they are a rare find around here so I've kept my eye out for Jersey Woolies. A single Woolie will produce barely any wool in comparison to an Angora, but I figured that many Woolies might prove to be just as well in providing some wool to practice carding (and eventually spinning) with.

I thought I'd end up having to travel way south of Fresno to procure some, but by a stroke of luck some people in Waterford posted an ad on Craigslist looking to rehome four of the little fuzzies. It turned out that there were three males, two of them light gray sable point (kinda like the marking of a siamese cat), and another that was medium gray with chestnut features around the face and feet, and a female who was pure white with blue eyes. The female was the friendliest, so I chose to take her, along with one of the sable points and the chestnut.

During the day, the rabbits have the entire backyard as their run along with the chickens, dogs, and cats. The dogs only had to be scolded about chasing the rabbits once, actually, it was mainly Scout, our newest pup, who needed the lecture. Now the dogs don't even blink twice when the rabbits run by them. The smallest of the three cats, Lily, likes to try and stalk the rabbits, but her plans are always foiled when the rabbits see her and run right up to her, as if to say, "hey, whatcha doin?" It's funny to watch her walk off in a huff. The chickens are goofy ol' broads. They don't like the rabbits getting too close and will give them a right peck on the noggin if they get in the way. All in all though, everyone gets along fine. We love to just hang out in the garden and watch everyone play and forage. Beats what's on TV!

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