Monday, March 21, 2011

Hail No, the Rain Won't Go!

Tomato and pepper seedling pots.
The weekend was blah. The forecast predicted that this whole week would be blah. Blah.

I was about to thumb my nose at the weather reporters after the sunny morning we had, when just a moment ago everything went dark again. I looked outside our office window to see my freshly planted seedling pots being pelted by hail! Hail in March? Well, I guess that's not too unusual since we had snow in April up at Columbia College about 5 years ago when I worked there.

Yeah, it's been one of those weeks. Dead bees and bloody awful weather. Looking forward to those sunny days... where are they?

BTW, I finally got a paper pot maker and highly recommend one if you garden a lot and grow from seed. I figure that it has already paid for itself just this season because those seed starter peat pots add up quick. I held off getting one for so many years because I wasn't sure if they would work that well. Even after getting this one and trying it out, I still wasn't convinced that those flimsy newspaper pots would last after the first watering, but they have. I think I even spied the first tomato, an Oxheart, breaking through the soil in one of the pots this morning, unless it was a rogue weed. One of the Armenian cucumbers has sprouted as well. Can't wait to see what all the weird heirloom vegetables look like (and more importantly taste like) this summer. Now come back sun!

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