Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beep Beep's a Big Bunny Now, Almost

Beep Beep at two weeks of age, eyes & ears open.
Wow, I can't believe how time has flown! Wiggly Ticklemint, who we now call Beep Beep, just turned 5 weeks old on Easter Sunday.

Beep Beep is a little miracle baby. If I had come out a half an hour later to check on the rabbits that Sunday morning five weeks ago, it may have been too late for Beep Beep. She is such a little joy! Just as I had hoped too, she's the friendliest little rabbit ever. Her parents hadn't had much handling previous to my adopting them so they aren't very friendly, but Beep Beep comes up to your hand and falls asleep under your fingers. I think that because my hands were always near her while she nursed, she thinks of my hands as her surrogate mother or something. She clearly likes being around us.

I made an attempt to catch a current photo of her today, but she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a clear shot. I have a bunch of "ghost bunny" images from her racing across the table where I was working today. She appeared to have a lot of fun skidding across my papers and leaping off the stacks. The picture above was taken two weeks ago when her hair was still short. It's starting to grow long and shaggy, and she's beginning to resemble a miniature Jersey Wooly more and more each day.

In other news, Miss Flossy is most likely pregnant again. This may explain why she was no longer willing to let Beep Beep nurse. I happened to notice her swollen belly when she protested, and counted the days on the calendar. Sure enough, she would be ripe just about now because she had come in contact with the two males the day of and day after the birth of her first litter. What I didn't know until day three after she had given birth, was that rabbits can get pregnant the very day they give birth! Upon learning that, I kept them separated, but apparently I was too late. They didn't waste any time!

Rabbit gestation is 28-34 days. Tomorrow will be day 28... so any day now she will probably pop. I only hope that she has more luck with caring for this batch. My guess is that the last batch didn't make it because they died of hypothermia, as it was a very cold morning outside in the rabbit shed when she gave birth. Now Miss Flossy is in the house where it's warm. I guess if she doesn't care for them, then I'm going to have a handful of new foster babies for another five weeks.

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