Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Wee Woolies Are Here

Around noon today I came in for lunch after a long morning of gardening to find Miss Flossy trying to pull a thin blanket into her cage, which I was using as a cover to give her some privacy. [Pardon any typos that may occur in this evening's post, as Beep Beep is currently sitting under my fingers trying to help me type.]  Immediately I knew what she was trying to do, so I gave her a couple handfuls of bedding, which she quickly gathered up in her mouth and put inside her nesting box. I tore a few strips of soft fabric and offered them to her, which she gladly accepted. After furiously gathering and stowing her new nesting materials, she began to wildly pull out her hair. I sat in awe as I watched her process for a few minutes, then I left the room for the rest of the afternoon... just incase she was ready to give birth right away.

Apparently she was! I just checked in on her about two hours ago, and she was outside of the nestbox. I tried to see inside the nestbox without opening the cage, but all I could see was a mound of Miss Flossy's fluffy white hair. Then, the hair moved! So she did give birth. Things are off to a good start, since she and I are much better prepared this time around. Lee and I have a bet placed on how many she had this time, and how many will be white. He thinks she had four again, one of them white. I think she had five, two of them white. In a few days, I'll try and have a peek to find out how many new little wigglys we were blessed with.

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