Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bunny Run

Papa Bugsy (left) visits Miss Flossy and the four wee buns.
Success, one project at a time! I finished this entire bunny run yesterday sans the door, which I put together this morning. By lunchtime, the bunnies were enjoying the fresh air outside.

If you've been reading here long enough, you may well remember the makeshift chicken tractor I threw together out of an old box spring mattress frame last year. Well, that old box spring mattress frame has been upcycled yet again. This reincarnation is a bunny run for my quad of fast-growing baby Jersey Woolies who are getting so big that they no longer have room to run in the indoor hutch where they live with their mama. Now they get to play all day outside with mama, then come in at night and sleep in the house.

The "tarp" material on the top that I used for a sunshade is actually recycled plastic dog food sacks. I've been saving the plastic feed sacks for about a year- cutting them down the seams and then rolling them up for storage. They have come in handy for a lot of things. The plastic is easy to sew together to make larger pieces or a tarp. It's very durable and doesn't degrade too quickly, as we have left some outside for almost a year with little else but sun bleaching of the colored side. We have used it to cover up and kill weeds on the ground. I've even sewn shopping bags out of it. This summer the kids want to build a teepee, so we'll probably use this to cover it. A lot of animal feeds are coming packaged this way. Our cat food, rabbit pellets, chicken scratch and chicken mash all come in this type of bag now. Rather than throw it out, use it up!

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