Monday, May 30, 2011

Bunny Therapy

The new babies at play this morning.
You can never truly replace a special pet, but you can heal with new pets when the time is right. Losing our Beep Beep still makes us a little sad when we think about her, which is daily, but we do have her four little brothers and sisters to keep us company now. While none of them are completely like her in personality because they were raised by their mama (we raised Beep Beep), we have found that each of the four does exhibit their own unique personality, and each one has a trait that reminds us of Beep Beep. We thought that having Beep Beep running around and acting silly was fun every evening, but multiply that by four and you have almost non-stop laughter. They really have been good therapy for us, for which I am grateful.
Three weeks ago when Beep Beep (right) met her younger siblings.
We have named them, even though it's a challenge telling them apart. We've marked them with colored pen dots on their ears for when we can't easily guess, but we are learning who they are from their personalities. The runt is the easiest to spot, as she is obviously smaller and has dwarf sized ears compared to the others. We were reminded of a hamster and named her Zu Zu. The two largest babies are Neeps (because she likes to nip at my t-shirts) and Black Dot (which is just a generic name until Lee thinks of something better.) Finally there is Tribble, who was the shiest baby at first and used to sink in the corner in a little ball. Now he's just as daring as the others and is always the one trying to jump off the sofa to go out and explore further. I find myself calling them all "Beep Beep" at certain times, just because they all look like her. "My Little Beep Beeps" has sort of become a general term to describe all of my bunnies now.

Today I will be taking apart our old makeshift chicken tractor and remodeling it into a bunny run for the babies to play in outside until they get big enough to have access to the whole yard like the big bunnies.

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