Monday, May 23, 2011

Farewell, Sweet Beep Beep

Beep Beep, when she was just a few days old.
My heart has been broken into a thousand pieces, as this afternoon I just buried the sweetest little baby bunny that ever came into my life. Lee and I both loved her so much you would think we were nuts. I hand-raised her, and as an infant bunny she would sleep curled up under my chin on my pillow every morning in bed after her feeding. She was a true people-bunny. Our evenings just weren't complete without her hopping around on the sofa with us while we watched our after-dinner film. She made us smile and laugh without fail every evening, so much so that we always hated to finally have to say goodnight and put her to bed in her cage.

The last photo I snapped of Beep Beep, 2 weeks ago.

We have no idea what happened, as she appeared to be her normal, hippity-hoppity self last night when we put her to bed after our movie. We've been racking our brains trying to figure out what we did wrong, but really it boils down to there being about a couple hundred possibilities. Bottom line is, we will never know because this happened so suddenly with no noticeable symptoms before this morning.

At about 7:30 am when I checked in on her, I noticed that her head was tilted. I closely observed her for the following hour and noticed she hadn't really eaten or drank her usual amounts from the previous evening. I offered her favorites treats, tiny bits of carrot, apple, and even threw in a tiny piece of banana to try and entice her. She refused everything. I forced her to drink with an eyedropper, and she swallowed a small amount, but not as much as she needed, around noon she stopped swallowing water.

She soon became extremely dehydrated and listless, so around 1:30 pm I decided to call a vet. The first vet in the nearest town said that she could not be seen today because the rabbit vet wasn't in until Wednesday. The second vet said she couldn't be seen until 3:45 pm, and if I were to come in as a walk-in, I would have to still wait for the patients who had appointments to be seen first. Seriously.

Beep Beep passed away in my hands, as my tears fell on her, before I could even prepare a box to transport her in. Lee and I are both a little lost without our sweet little companion, but we hope that her beautiful, vibrant energy will be passed on to some new little bunnies somewhere in the world. We won't ever forget her.

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