Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kittens Too!

It's a very good thing we decided to call off our plans for a wedding and just elope. With all the craziness lately and baby animals everywhere, I am not sure I would have survived the ordeal of organizing a total DIY wedding.

By the way, I am not responsible for these kittens. Our three cats are spayed. This poor homeless mama cat was abandoned near the ranch. The mama cat has become friendly now since my mom was feeding her, but she had two previous litters in hard to reach spots at the ranch, making it difficult to socialize the kittens. By the time we knew she had kittens, they were already old enough to run from us. They grew up to be totally feral and many of them ended up getting hit on the road or disappearing (coyotes?)

This time though, I thought I would intervene and stop the cycle since the mama had this litter right next to the shop at the ranch, in a rack that holds wood scraps where it was easy to reach them. Well, somewhat, after a lot of crawling and moving wood scraps.

I decided I would tame the kittens, find them loving homes, and get the mama spayed. So I gathered them all up on my last visit and brought them home. They have been living in the garden shed, as our own three witchy cats would not tolerate them near the house. The mama is doing fine and has settled into her temporary home quite well. The babies come running to me every morning when I open the shed door, so that's great that these kittens will have a chance to go to new homes.

Unfortunately one of the babies doesn't have control over her hind legs and drags them. It may be a condition called swimmer kitten syndrome. I will be taking them all in to the vet soon for a checkup. I've read on other sites that vets will often say that there isn't much that can be done and to have the kitten put down. Lee said he would rather get her some wheels than resort to that. Looks like we may end up with an extra kitty?


  1. Oh, I SO want one of those kittens! But I'm afraid we are at maximum capacity in terms of pets right now. Definitely look into getting some wheels for the little disabled kitten. There are lots of animals that use scooter-type devices in place of their hind legs!

  2. I SO wish you could have one or two of them. You are one of the best cat owners I know. We are so afraid to give them away because we don't want them to end up in the wrong hands. We will most likely hold on to them and only give them away to people we know, or find a really good no-kill adoption agency that screens potential owners.

    We are keeping the little disabled kitten, who we've named "Paddles" along with the mama cat, who is blind in one eye. We figured that because the mama has that flaw, she wouldn't easily be adopted. Paddles gets around remarkably well without her back legs, but some wheels would probably help her out a bit.