Monday, May 2, 2011

Sneak Peak

The best shot I could get of the new babies.
Miss Flossy will not let me put my hand into the cage without ferociously lunging at it, so I've left the little ones alone at her request. She probably thinks that I am going to steal these babies too, so I can't blame her much for being overly protective this time around. I can't even lure her out of the cage with carrot treats! The only way I've been able to check on the wee ones is if I give her a small piece of carrot inside the cage to distract her, while I move a long stick through the top of the cage to push the her blanket of rabbit fur off of them in order to see them.

Oh, and guess what?  We have four white babies. They are five days old and their fur has come in thick enough to make them solid white now, no more pink skin showing except on their ears and sweet little paws. I have to admit, Lee and I were both a little disappointed  that we ended up with a monochromatic litter because we had hoped to see some other colors/patterns, but we are ecstatic that they are healthy and that mama bunny is taking very good care of her little ones. They have fat little bellies, and I hear them scratching around the bottom of the nest box quite often. Only challenge we have ahead of us is telling them all apart! That makes six white bunnies including mama and Beep Beep.  Oh dear.

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