Monday, June 27, 2011

Flower Seeds For Sale!

Our Etsy shop has just been stocked with Mammoth Sunflower SeedsMorning Glory Seeds, and Living Sunflower Playhouse Planting Kits! All seeds were harvested last Autumn, 2010, and packaged for planting in 2011. These seeds can even last up to a couple years if stored properly in cool, dark place (veggie drawers in the fridge works great.)

I've been growing my Morning Glory vines organically for over 15 years, and most of my heirloom seeds are 10 generations old and then some. These particular Mammoth Sunflowers are 3 generations old.  The bees love them in the summer and the birds love them in the Fall!

All proceeds are going toward a second beehive! Stop by our shop and check out our seeds, they make great gifts! Don't worry, if we sell out of what we have listed, we will list more shortly thereafter! Just check back in a day or two or feel free to contact me.

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