Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Organic Purple Kale Soup

Last Saturday Lee and I made a pilgrimage to Turlock, which is about 35 miles North of where we live, in search of GoodBelly probiotic juice drinks. I've had mysterious stomach upsets the last few weeks, and in the past they've helped a lot. The Raley's store nearest to our town stopped carrying them, as did all Raley's stores apparently, so we checked the GoodBelly store locator and discovered that Safeway sells them. Err, well, they were supposed to. Unfortunately we drove all that way to discover that the one person we could actually find to help us didn't know what they were or where they would be (oh, the wonders of big box chains.) We checked every refrigerated case possible. I emailed GoodBelly yesterday to find out what's up and I'm still waiting to hear back. The only other places left to check are Whole Foods and Vons in Fresno, and I'd really like to avoid Whole Foods and the many controversies that surround them. Want to know more? Just google Whole Foods and controversy and you will get a whole plethora of things to chew on. I've got three words: big box chain. Just because they carry some organic items and natural foods doesn't make them any better than the rest of 'em, unfortunately.
Organic Purple Kale.  Beautiful!

Anyway, our trip wasn't completely fruitless (pun intended.) We hopped back on the freeway Northward about 15 more minutes to check out the Modesto Certified Farmer's Market for the first time this year. We tried some Goldstrike and Miner's Mustard from Murphy's Mustard Co.  and ended up taking home a 12 oz. jar of Goldstrike. We grabbed up all of our produce essentials, especially organic strawberries. Organic Purple Kale was also amongst the many things that we bought, which I made into a delicious soup last night. You can find the recipe here.

The only thing that I did differently was cut the amount of vegetable soup bouillon in half. I use Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillon, and three cubes was plenty. Unless you like a heavy salt taste, you might get away with just two?

Next up on the chopping block is a big bunch of organic rainbow chard.


  1. You have a really lovely blog here! I want to be able to grow my own food and be as self sufficient as possible one day. So I really like your theme here.

    Organic purple kale soup, what an awesome idea! Sounds very tasty, and healthy too. :p

    Take care,

  2. Have you tried kombucha? It's loaded with good stuff. I've been brewing it at home for a few months now.

  3. @ropcorn: Thank you, I hope you come back again.

    @Sarah: Yes, as a matter of fact I bought a bottle on the way to Issac's birthday on Saturday, I first tried it a few years ago. I recently saw an article on how to brew your own and was interested in trying it... I just can't remember which magazine it was of the stack that I subscribe to, but I believe it may have been Readymade? I'll hit you up for your recipe.

  4. Oooh, that looks good!

  5. It was good, but best eaten freshly cooked. Leftovers weren't as tasty. I think I might lighten up on the garlic next time too.