Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dumping ScAmazon Right Back

I've been waiting for a kickstart, the push to finally get me to dump Amazon, and it's finally come. You have probably heard by now that Amazon has dumped all of it's California sales affiliates. When I first got my rejection letter from Amazon, it didn't really phase me at first. I only put up with them for my reader's benefit. I put their widget on my blog and links in my book reviews to make it easier for readers to find these books, but it was really just lazy of me. I should have taken the time to support a better bookseller, but instead I sort of put it on the backburner and forgot about it. Yesterday I read a fellow blogger's post and was instantly reminded that I needed to find a better bookseller to refer people to, pronto, because I am so sick of big corporations getting away with everything.

I should have previously found another online bookseller (that I felt better about) to link to, it's just that Blogger makes it a little too easy with their built in Amazon Associates dealio. It's not that I really care about the commission either, I think I made, like, under $10 in the last year, and I've yet to see it! They have never paid me. Really, for me, this is about a company throwing a hissy fit because it doesn't want to do the right thing and pay it's taxes like you and me. As if they aren't making enough money? And what are they doing to give back to the communities that are pouring money into them?

Personally, I have rarely, if ever, used Amazon other than as a quick look-up guide to find new books that I can check out at my library or request an order for at my local bookshop. Now I don't even think I am going to use them for that anymore. I would encourage you, dear reader, to do the same because supporting your library and local bookshop is so much more important than supporting a big corporate monster. There are many other Amazon alternatives to choose from that are actually doing something to give back, if shopping online is what works best for you. Also, try out an online book swap like Basically you just pay shipping. I've gotten a handful of cool books that I wanted through this site, which saves a whole heck of a lot of trees! (You can also swap music, movies and games!) If you'd like to add me as a Swap friend, you can find me under the username: amandinemai. I do need to update my available books though, I haven't done so in a while.

Anyway, you will notice that the Amazon widget in the sidebar on this blog is fini! I will be working on going through all of my posts and removing the Amazon links one by one, which may take a while. If you happen to read an old post that has an Amazon link, please use another online bookseller for purchase.

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