Saturday, July 23, 2011

Early Garden Tally

Our lovely Rainbow Swiss Chard, that we added to a curry dish.
Okay, so right now the garden tally is really wimpy, but we've only just begun to harvest a few things and the best is still yet to come, as we salivate in anticipation of all those green heirloom tomatoes on the vine turning their true hues. Here's what we've collected thus far:

Green Peas:  2 oz.
Round Zucchini: 2 lbs.
Romanesco Zucchini: 2 lbs.
Strawberries: 6 oz.
Rainbow Swiss Chard: .25 lbs.
Lettuces: 3+ lbs.


  1. Your chard looks beautiful. I'm sure it taste wonderful in the curry. What do you do for the insects? I have a small flower garden and I trouble with the insects, something was eating the leaves pretty bad. I finally gave up and brought a insect powder. I want to grow some tomatoes in a pot, but I don't want to use chemicals on them. If you know something natural please let me know. Thanks

  2. Hi Kemarias! We really don't do anything about the insects at the moment, and luckily they haven't been too much of a problem. The ones we have like our tomatillo plant leaves, but really haven't bothered anything else excessively. We do encourage ladybugs and praying mantises, but with the chickens roaming most of the yard right now, a lot of bugs are kept under control. Unfortunately the chickens are non-discriminate and eat our beneficial bugs too, so we are going to create a special yard for the chickens to help keep our good bug population up.

    If you live in an apartment, keeping chickens is probably out. Cultivating ladybugs and mantises probably isn't an easy solution either. I would say that if you have to resort to using some type of insecticide, make sure it's organic or homemade so that you know what's in it. There are things that you can make at home out of simple kitchen ingredients depending on the type of insect is causing the problems. Do you know what it is that is eating your flowers? Snails? Aphids? There are different remedies for each kind of insect.

    If the home remedies don't work, you might want to consider purchasing something from Garden's Alive! that touts that it's environmentally sound products really work. I have been getting their catalog for years. I haven't tried their stuff yet because I haven't had a need, but their products would be the ones I would try. You can find their website here:

    Good luck!

  3. P.S. Tomatoes probably won't need a lot of pest control. The only thing I've ever seen that actually likes to eat tomato plants are tomato worms, which are big, plump, green, and ugly. They are easy to spot and can be hand plucked (if you aren't too squeamish) and then disposed of. Chickens absolutely love them. If you know someone with chickens, put them in a jar give them away as a free chicken treat.