Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GrOH My!

Just five weeks ago, things had only barely sprouted! We've got quite a jungle now!  I've been running out of space to plant new things, so I've started planting outside the perimeter of our fenced garden and in the flower beds around the lawn, hoping that the chickens and rabbits leave things alone until we can get more fencing up. We are finally reaping the rewards of our hard work with delicious produce, handpicked just minutes before putting it onto our dinner plates. Nothing more satisfying in the world that that!  The tomato plants are all doing great and bursting with green fruit, we just can't wait for it to turn color. Any day now. We have discovered that the mystery squash vine that voluntarily came up in the mini corn field is a butternut, for which we are very happy because we eat butternut like crazy and it stores well. Last year when we had a crazy, wild squash show up, it was a gray zucchini and we just couldn't eat it fast enough. Even the chickens were getting tired of it.

The garden just five weeks ago.

The garden two weeks ago.

The garden today!


  1. Your garden is looking great! I wish I had some space for one. Unfortunately I live in a apartment.

  2. There's lots you can grow on a balcony or even a sunny window! Check out one of my favorite blogs for some inspiration on container gardening for apartment dwellers: