Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Can Be Done

My second attempt at canning was better than the first time, but I still need a little practice perfecting my jam. The first time I tried canning last fall I made homemade pizza sauce, but not all of the lids sealed. This time around I didn't have one faulty lid.

I used the bread and butter pickle recipe from Put 'em Up, and even though it came out good, it wasn't as sweet as the homemade bread and butter pickles that were given to us from a friend of Lee's mom last year, and we loved those pickles. So I think next time I will try another recipe.

My first solo jam session was a bit of a mess, as I wish I had a couple extra sets of arms. I think I may have crushed the strawberries a bit too much because the bottom half of each jar is jelly and the top half is jam. I didn't get all of the foam out either, but I read online that foam isn't too much of a big deal. It's going to take some practice to get it perfect, but at least right now it's still edible.


  1. Well I hope you're not to down on yourself about it. If you keep trying you will get to were it's just right. My grandma used to can everything, but I was young and didn't pick up the recipes. You would think my Mom would know the recipes from her Mom. But No... she doesn't. My dad said she was in her bedroom reading true romance books. So she didn't learn how to cook. LOL! I'm gonna give my mom some credit. She can make casseroles and other stuff. Everyone has there things. All the best with your canning. Maybe you can post how you did it when your ready. :)

  2. I think things always skip a generation for some reason. It must be because the following generation feels like they don't need to do it since their parents already do, etc. At least in some cases. For instance, I don't think I ever learned how to clean up my room very well because my mom always did it for me when it got to the point of disaster, rather than make me clean it myself. Now, my house sort of gets that way too. I'll start out really clean, then it will build, and build, and build until one day I get onto myself about letting it get that way.

    You were lucky to have had someone in your family who canned! My grandmother didn't can, cook, or clean unless she absolutely had to. My mom was the one who did all of that, well, aside from the canning. They both knew how to sew really well though, and I still have the old antique sewing machine that all three of us learned to sew on.

  3. Sewing is a good hobby. My mom has hobbies sewing,crocheting. I used to sew but now I dont do much besides blog. I plant a few flowers and I sit on my porch daydreaming, watching the planes go in for a landing. LOL Oh and I like reading blogs. see ya

  4. Hi I just found your blog and joined here(via Blog Frog.) I haven't canned in a long time but recently did some posts with some recipes and inspiration about getting back into canning. You might enjoy the posts. I am waiting for my tomato's at this point.Its been a cooler summer here *central CA. & I can't wait to try some salsa or sauce. Maybe jam if I can get my hands on some organic fresh fruit. Glad I came across your blog. Theresa

  5. Hi Theresa! Glad you found my blog too! I am also in central CA, so I hear you on waiting for the tomatoes. It's been a slow growing season. We've got some humongous vines, some of which are loaded to the max with green tomatoes, but we've only harvested about 4 ripe ones so far this year.