Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Impact Slush Puppies

I'm on a 'No Impact' kick right now, so bear with me. I guess the book did have a big impact on me after all. Anyway, last weekend Lee and I went to check out our local Grocery Outlet to see what they had. For us, it's a hit and miss store. Sometimes they have something worthwhile, like organic liquid castile soap, other times it's just a lot of food on the verge of expiring. This time we found a solution to our summertime Slush Puppie habit: refillable BPA-free 16 oz. cups for only $2.99 each. (Yeah, Slush Puppies are probably evil for our health, but they sure taste good on those triple digit days!) Unfortunately our local old-school drive-in burger joint only uses styrofoam cups, and they were beginning to stack up on our counter because I feel guilty about throwing them away. (Trying to think of something to do with them.) I know, the refillable cups are still made of plastic. Glass would be so much better, but getting Lee to carry around a mason jar to refill would be like asking him to drive to work naked. I have to get him to do this sort of thing gradually, baby steps. Eventually we'll work up to the jar maybe, when these cups wear out. One thing that makes me feel less guilty about buying a plastic item like this from the Grocery Outlet is that most of the stuff that ends up there has been discontinued or didn't sell well in the original store that it was in. That most likely means that my purchase will not create more demand for more plastic cups to be made. These are essentially discards, and hey, someone may as well get some use out of them since they've already been made and the damage has been done.

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