Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Best Milk Comes From a Plant

I'm going to plug hemp milk today, just because so few people know about it and how nutritionally fantastic it is in comparison to other milks.

Have you ever tried hemp milk? I swear, out of all the milks I've tasted, it's by far the best. I've been drinking it for about 6 years now. Taste aside, it's a good alternative to soy which isn't the wonder-food we thought it was, hemp kicks it's be-hind all over the place. Soy is just too controversial, and because it's fed to a lot of factory farmed livestock, that definitely makes cow's milk even more evil.

As for cow's milk, the dairy council would like you to believe all sorts of things about their white snake oil, like how good it is for your bones. Anything to get you to buy it. Well that appears to be hogwash, as I have read in several different sources that milk, in fact, can contribute to osteoporosis. Have a hard time believing that? The tobacco industry wanted you to believe that cigarettes were actually good for you once upon a time, so why wouldn't other big industries spread lies until they get caught? Anything to get you to buy it.

Hemp milk may be a tad pricier than other plant-based milks, but in my opinion the extra buck is well worth it because of all the nutrients that are packed in. Plus, I don't use a whole lot of it. One container lasts me for a week. My favorite brand is tempt, who also makes protein powder and ice cream!, but there are other brands that are just as good and a little less costly if you can find them. Try your local natural foods store. Ask them if they might carry it if they don't already. If you can't find it locally, you can order it online directly from tempt's website or other online natural food stores, google it.

Oh, and by the way, you can't get high consuming hemp food products. [eye roll]


  1. Not sure I'm ready for hemp milk, but we do enjoy coconut milk at our house -- the unsweetened kind. Yummy. Creamy. Especially delicious in smoothies... and very healthy.

  2. Hi Karen, welcome!
    Yeah, coconut milk is good too!