Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Sunflower Forest

Can Sunflowers smile? This one sure seems to be.
This morning when I checked on the garden, I found that one of my Mammoth Sunflowers had fully opened. Of course, this one is just a "baby" only standing at about 6 feet tall. Some of her bigger sisters are standing at 10 ft tall right now and haven't yet set out any blooms. I've read that the further you space your Mammoths, the bigger they get. I indiscriminately dispersed seeds all along our garden fence line, so we have sunflowers of the same seed in all sizes, from super tall to some dwarf sized ones that are only about 3 feet tall with thin stalks.
The long, tall, 10 footers!

These are my third generation Mammoths. I like to say they came from outer space because when I still lived at the ranch, three of them just magically appeared in the middle of the beets and carrots. I hadn't planted them, my mom hadn't planted them. In fact, neither of us had even purchased sunflower seeds that year, so it's a big mystery as to how they got there. I'm a pushover gardener though, I often let wild things grow in (and sometimes takeover) the garden, and boy, did these ladies get huge! I couldn't even close my fingers all the way around their stalks and the faces were enormous, with one that spanned almost 2 feet wide!
The flowers at Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch.
Last year we visited Bear Creek Pumpkin Patch at Fox Creek Ranch to let the boys pick out pumpkins, and marveled at their stunning display of rows upon rows of various types of sunflowers, layered with a rainbow of zinnias and jumbo marigolds, in their corn maze. I was inspired to create a similar display in our backyard for this Fall in homage to our honeybees, and so I ordered more flower seeds from a great seller on eBay. I received my parcel two days ago, which included these varieties of sunflower: Lemon Queen, Velvet Queen, Italian White, Autumn Beauty, and Japanese Taiyo. Zinnias: Orange King, Purple Prince, Cactus Flowered, and Mixed Garden Elegans. I also ordered mixed Bachelor's Buttons and Black Gem Bachelor's Buttons. I can't wait to plant them this weekend! Perhaps if these all do well in my garden this year, you will see them in my Etsy shop this Winter and next Spring!


  1. Stunning sunflowers! I didn't get to plant any this year & after seeing yours I am disappointed we didn't get some in. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by! We didn't miss planting sunflowers this year, but we did miss a lot of other things we had last year like pumpkins. Just ran out of time and space. Maybe next year you can get some sunflowers in!