Friday, August 5, 2011

Shaking Off the Dust

Last Sunday evening I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. The following day I had what could only be described as a 24 hour stomach bug, but I couldn't remove myself from the sofa all day. Very unlike me, and in my mind it was torture because there were so many things I needed and wanted to get done, but my body was telling my mind to just shut up. So it did. I missed a day of squash picking, and ended up with extra gigantic squash on Tuesday. For the rest of the week my energy came and went, so I just rolled with it and let myself take naps as needed. Yesterday I started to feel somewhat normal again finally.

This weekend is our "Finish That Project" weekend. We are hoping to complete a hand-laid, mortar-less patio area on the side of the house with some salvaged bricks that were given away for free by a local in town. Then it's time to finally get the shingles on the hen house, which are going to be cut from reclaimed plywood that I once used as painting supports for my art classes. Yes, this is the same hen house I started and never finished last summer. We have a tarp over the top of the roof right now, and the girls have been living in it just fine so far. They just recently started laying regularly in their attached nesting box. For a while, they were nesting on the floor of the garden shed and Scout, our most devious mutt, was stealing their eggs.

I was just given another bag of homegrown cucumbers from Lee's mom last night, so that's another project for this weekend. Maybe I can test out a new Bread and Butter Pickle recipe.

Oh, and I swear that this concoction made my stomach feel almost instantly better on Tuesday when I tried it:

* 1 cup of warm water
* 1 TBSP of honey
* the juice of one lemon

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