Friday, September 9, 2011

Monster Zucchini!

Talk about flippin' huge! Check these buggers out! They are practically bigger than my legs.

Unfortunately, they would probably taste horrible because they tend to get really fibrous when allowed to get this big. No worries though, these two will be our seed fruit so that we will have seeds for next year and probably a lot extra to put in the Etsy shop.

It so happened that they got this big because Lee has been slacking off on his harvesting duties, which is because he's been a wimp about getting tomato leaf stickies on his skin. It makes him itch.

I do admit that the tomatoes were starting to deter me from going into the garden, too. They became these ravenous beasts that were getting way out of control and had produced a serious jungle. We no longer had garden paths, they killed the Stars and Moon watermelon vine that was minding it's own business next door by growing over the top of it, and started bending the fence which encouraged that rabbits to climb over and hop on into the garden. (Boy was it fun {not} chasing Dot through all those tomato vines last night for a half an hour!)

I decided that I would begin selectively pruning them so that Lee (and I) will go back into the garden again, the wimps that we are. I fear that we probably watered too much, because we have a lot of vine, but very little fruit. And what's up with the darned heirlooms? Nothing. We only bought the Early Girl hybrid to tide us over until the heirlooms kicked in, but Early Girls aren't much better than grocery store tomatoes. Blech. They are still tough and not super tasty. Bah. I guess the bright side perks would be that they are organic and we didn't have to pay for them.

Last summer Mr. Stripey, our one heirloom tomato at the time, tormented us and then finally had a huge blowout just before the frost kicked in. I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen with our White Queen, Black Sea Man, Black Trifele, Green Zebra, Russian Queen, Pink Oxhearts, and the others we have been waiting on for long I've forgotten the names of.

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