Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Non-GMO Corn Tortillas? Do They Exist?

Since posting my last recipe for quesadillas, and all the news buzz about Monstanto wreaking havoc with their GMO corn and encouraging a super pest to evolve (that is now resistant to their GMO corn), I've really been concerned about all of the products that we buy which are made of corn, so pardon my ranting here. As you know, it isn't just the obvious things that contain corn either, corn is in everything! Take a peek at this crazy list of things that may be derviced from corn! Talk about daunting.

You may have read my last rant about GMO's, but if you haven't and have no clue as to why they should be avoided, please take the time to learn why you should avoid them! The easiest way to avoid them is to buy organic, or trusted brands that do not use GMO's in their products. If you are cell phone savvy, get an app to make it even easier for you.

I hate to say it, but there's a 75-85% chance that the corn in your local grocery store is GMO corn. Yep, that includes the fresh summer sweet corn in the produce section, too. It's one of those sad situations where you just have to eat the nasty GMO or go without. A lot of people are choosing to go without now, unless they are growing it themselves. How very sad and depressing that things have come to this.

Even those with home gardens aren't completely safe, and organic heirloom corn could easily and very quickly become a thing of the past. As it is, it is already rare and very hard to find. I know by trial and error that if you do find some, it's hard to grow. Our corn this year was a failure. Also, since we are surrounded by miles and miles of cornfields, most likely GMO corn, it's totally possible that our corn could get contaminated. This really, really, depresses me to think that we are extremely close to not having real, non-GMO, organic corn again, ever. Once it's ruined by GMO's, it's gone. We can't bring it back, folks. We need to all take responsibility and do something now.

What can you do? Well, the simplest thing is to avoid corn, with the exception of organic. This is voting with your wallet. You can take it a step further and contact the manager or owner of your local grocery store and ask them to carry organic or non-GMO corn and corn products. If you really want to get involved, check out Millions Against Monsanto  or NON GMO Project and keep up to date. They often have online petitions you can sign and updates for events in your area. Putting the pressure on the big guys is how to make things really happen, so if you can, get involved! Even if it's just signing petitions. There are other organizations and websites out there devoted to this cause, do a little Googling.

As for those corn tortillas, I found that La Tortilla Factory brand organic tortillas are sold at a number of stores that are available all over the country. I also read that the Trader Joe's brand items sold in their stores are also GMO-free. That doesn't mean that every item on their shelves are, as they've gotten into some hot water in the past for selling non-labeled GMO items from other companies, but you can feel somewhat safe with their own brand. Also, it appears that Whole Foods has a new attitude about carrying GMO products, and I'm sure this has a lot to do with consumer petitions and the pressure that activist groups put on them earlier in the year with store rallies and educating consumers. See, when you get ticked off and speak up, those companies do listen!

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  1. It is so sad and depressing that Monsanto's greed and short sighted lying could ruin our beautiful maize! I hate that President Obama has appointed Monsanto executives to head government agencies like the FDA. It is too important a cause, protecting safe, reversibly/traditionally bred crops, to give up on. I personally will buy non GMO corn products whenever I can; putting my money where my mouth is :-)